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SEO for Firefox
The best way to know what your competition level is to look at the quality of the
top few sites and their link profiles. Are their sites .edu sites, old well branded sites,
or other highly useful sites? Do they have many editorial links pointing at their
Google primarily relies upon site age and link reputation to determine relevancy for
competitive terms. Links from government or educational sites are more likely to
be well-trusted in search results since, typically, it is harder to influence them than
the average .com website.

SEO for Firefox allows you to view many data points from directly within the
search results to see how competitive a marketplace is. It will help you answer
questions such as the following:
? How old are these sites?
? Do they have quality inbound links?
? Are they listed in the major web directories?
? Are bloggers mentioning their site?
? Are people saving their site on social bookmarking sites?

Other Rough Indications of Perceived Value &
Competition: Top Bid Prices & Search Volume
Other signs of a competitive marketplace are when you notice many lead-
generation type websites, many exceptionally smooth user-centric highly converting
websites, educational institutions, government agencies, large corporations, or high
bid prices on those keywords in the top pay-per-click search engines.
You can get an extremely rough approximation of the value of a top listing on
major search engines for a keyword by looking at the top listings using the Google
Traffic Estimator tool.
The Tail of Search
Many people feel the need to rank for a broad generic term and optimize
exclusively for that term. The problem with this is that around half of all search

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