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queries are unique each day. On May 16th, 2007 Udi Manber said that 20 to 25% of
the queries Google sees are queries they had never seen before.
If you were trying to rank well for used books you should cater to a variety of
terms around that idea such as: used book store, buy used books, used book search, etc. By
writing naturally and answering questions, you will also include many common
terms and phrases people search for.
Need Help with Keyword Selection?
If you still need more help understanding keywords, feel free to ask me. In
addition, Dan Thies of SEO Research Labs specializes in doing keyword research
reports for SEOs, web designers, and webmasters.
Meta Tags
When people refer to meta tags, they are talking about the meta description and
meta keyword tags. Some search engines may display the meta description as part
of the search results, but the meta keywords tags generally does not appear in
search results.
Is it Worth it to Create Meta Tags?
I believe creating page specific meta description tags is worthwhile. I generally do
not spend time creating meta keywords tags.
What do Meta Tags Look Like?

Meta Keywords Tag
If your site does not have meta keyword tags, I would probably not recommend
spending the time to add them. If you add meta keywords while you are creating
pages, I wouldn?t spend more than a minute on each page. I probably wouldn?t list
any more than a few of them per page.
The meta keywords tag is not supported by many major search engines. While it is
important to choose the correct keywords for your page, the meta keywords tag
itself is not used by many top SEO experts.
I usually do not use the meta keywords tag on my pages (as it is not usually very
important), but it can help you out if there are many different ways to say your
The meta keywords tag is
typically used to highlight
a couple of the main
keyword phrases on which
a page is focused.
The meta description tag
should be a few sentences
to a paragraph of text that
uses various versions of
your keywords and
describes the purpose of a
given page.
Meta tags are only one
small element of current
search engine ranking

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