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3. Many content management systems are terrible for SEO purposes. The
words at the front of the page title are the most important. If the first
few words of every page are not very descriptive, it does not give
engines much to determine the difference between pages. Many spam
site generators start page titles with the same words in every page title.
Make sure your page titles are unique to each page, with the most
descriptive words at or near the start of the page title.
4. First of all, people probably have no idea what Fred?s store is. Is
Fred?s store a hardware store? A discount shoe store? A Viagra store?
You just don?t know. Neither do search engines.

Placing salutations or unnecessary document references in the title kills
the keyword weighting of the title. I always say ?Welcome to?low
rankings.? Just for fun, I did a search on Yahoo! to show how many
sites had the following in their page title:
1. ?welcome to?? (close to 30 million)
2. ?home page? (over 15 million)
3. ?wecome? & ?welcom? (thousands of entries each)

5. Notice there is no difference between example #4 and example #5. A
title should be a page title or document title. The title should not be
the site title. If, for branding purposes, you feel you should place the
site title in the title tag of every page, it is advisable that you place it at
the end of the title?that is, unless you are so big that people are likely
to search for your name already (Nike, Pepsi, Coke?). The page
itself is a fundamental unit of data, not the website!
Page Title Tag Done Right
Since different algorithms look for different things, there is no such thing as a
perfect title, but there are signs of a good one. We saw how to do it wrong, so how
do you do it right? Well, your title should have your keywords in it, it should be
readable to prospects, and should evoke an emotional response.
Your target keyword phrase should be near the beginning of your page title. Let?s
pretend this e-book is a page and we need to title the document. Using the
keyword suggestion tools above I would look up some relevant terms.
All searches were performed on Yahoo! search term suggestion tool and results are
for September 2003:
? seo 101,543
? search engine optimization 56,947
? search engine marketing 14,448
? search engine marketing news 267
The page title is a page by
page thing, not a site by
site thing.
Usually you want to lead
your page title with your
primary keywords for that
given page.

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