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? seo book 0 (update: within a few months of creating this domain,
Yahoo! started serving hundreds of ads a month for this name due in
part to me heavily branding the site name)
? seo tutorial 70
? search engine optimization tutorial 59
Remember that search volume alone does not tell you whether or not the term
would bring in targeted traffic. Seo, for example, is a generic term also inflated by
rank checkers and is a common Japanese name, so the number of targeted and
potentially profitable seo searchers is not as high as the number indicates.
Some SEO experts frequently compare the page title to the title of a book. All
major search algorithms place more weight on the page title than on other page
content. Adding unique page titles to a trusted site that did not have them
can easily double search traffic.
Page Title Length
Google shows the first 65 to 70 characters from your page title in their search
results. You should be able to get your entire page title or almost your entire page
title in 70 characters. If you run slightly past that you are fine, but the words near
the start of your page title get more weighting placed on them than keywords at the
end of the page title.
Chose Multiple Keywords
I was not in much of a rush with to achieve top rankings, as I
already had other well ranking sites. I was going to think big with the title.
Eventually I wanted to rank well for search engine optimization and SEO. I knew that
would take a while though (a year or a few years). I should have been able to
almost immediately rank well for SEO book. (By the time I was done writing this
book, I already did.)
A Good Title for This Page
A good page title for this book would then be ?Search Engine Optimization
Tutorial e-book:
This e-book page itself will never rank well in search results, since I do not want
search engines to spider it. If Google gave you a free link to my e-book, then you
probably would not want to pay for it. I used a robots exclusion tag on it, and
move it anytime anyone links to it. covers news topics daily, too. The page title of my home page
initially was ? - SEO e-book, Search Engine Optimization Tips, &
Search Engine Marketing News Blog.? In this title I am actually trying to do a
good bit of branding. Since the domain name matched exactly what I wanted to

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