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rank for and I spent thousands of hours and dollars branding that name, I push it
The domain name also matches exactly my keywords without being repulsively
long and dash- or comma-ridden. It is easy and simple enough to remember, plus,
if this book does well enough, more and more people will search for SEO Book.
Branding Title Update
After about a year with the above title, I started getting more search queries for my
name and my site name. I eventually changed the home page title to ?Aaron Wall?s to make the site seem more official and for personal branding
The original title may have also been a bit longer than necessary. Usually it is best
to keep them at or under about ten words.
Keep in mind that the home page of a strong site can be more brand oriented, but
as you get deeper into a site it makes sense to place more emphasis on matching
keywords than on branding in the page titles.
Chose Terms of Different Difficulty Levels
My general rule for the page title is to include at least one competitive and one non-
competitive term. In less than a month, the home page of was
listed #1 on Yahoo! (Inktomi back then) and #1 on Google for seo book. Ranking
for Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a much harder task, but I was ranking for
SEO within nine months and it took about 3 years to get in the top 20 in Google
for search engine optimization.
Another good trick for the title might be to use two similar overlaying ideas. If it?s
hard to list well for either of the components of the whole, you typically can still get
top rankings for the searches that mix the terms together. Eventually, as you build
your linking campaign, you can hope to pick up one or both of the original terms.
A good example of this might be a site that is selling Dragon Naturally Speaking
software. Dragon Naturally Speaking is medical transcription software. If you use
a title such as ?Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Transcription Software,? it can
help you rank well for the oddball mixed-up searches such as Dragon Medical
Sometimes you can also place a strong call to action in the title, which will help
boost click-through rate.
Think Along the Buying Cycle
While it might be good for me to rank at # 1 for search marketing, it is doubtful that
people searching for that term are immediately interested in buying. When a

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