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person searches for search engine marketing service company in San Diego, there is much
more express intent implied in that search.
Longer search terms typically have less competition and convert better.
This is the real secret to effective on-the-page SEO. Use different pages to
optimize for different terms.
If you are using pay-per-click advertising, the long specific keyword phrases will
usually be far cheaper than some of the generic untargeted terms. That is why it is
important to focus different pages on different terms versus focusing your site on
one generic term. Not only is there less competition, and more stable income, but
there is better consumer appeal on each page, which leads to higher conversion
Page Title and Click-Through Rate
A good page title and URL can increase your rankings and double or triple your
click-through rate. You want to make sure your page title is especially made for
human consumption and not just some random ugly keyword-stuffed string.
Certainly get your primary keywords in there, but make sure the title is readable
Writing Titles to Spread Ideas
If you write an editorial website with many readers you may want to forgo placing
too much emphasis on keywords in the title and instead write a catchy or
controversial title that makes the story more appealing to read and easier to link.
Search engines follow people. If enough people link to your documents and give
signs that the document is important, then search engines will still rank it even if
the page title does not match the target keywords.
Information Scent
When people search they are in a rush to complete a task and process a significant
amount of information quickly. Most search queries tend to be research related, but
most commercial sites tend to focus on buying.
Creating comparision content and a reviews sections can help capture a large
portion of that keyword traffic while presenting a search result that better matches
user intent. Gord Hotchkiss published 2 eye tracking studies which show how
people interact with search results. They are on sale for 49 each at the Enquiro
Internal Linking

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