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Most sites do not usually have more than about a half dozen major categories. Just
how I gave the example of a theme pyramid earlier, your site should be broken
down from the broadest topic on the home page to covering more niche topics as
you work your way through the site.
You can break the site structure down into categories:
? Product or service type
? Problems you solve
? Types of people who have the problems you help solve
Search algorithms rely heavily on internal linking structures to determine the
importance of documents on your site. The pages that you link to most frequently
are the pages you are telling search engines are your most important pages.
On your home page, you may want to strongly feature your categories in a manner
that helps prospects self-select their path through your site. Each category and sub
category should have local navigation that helps to support its structure.
If you have areas where one category or choice could offend others in that same
basket (for instance, gay dating and an option for a group of people who
traditionally hate gay people), then you should not show the options that might
offend one group to the other.
If you are trying to get your brand known, you may also want to consider creating
multiple brands if the friction between consumer sets is too great. It is impossible
for one site to appeal to everyone.
Although it is beyond the scope of knowledge necessary for most SEOs or
webmasters, if you are interested in algorithmic research, BlockRank is a well-cited
research paper discussing internal linkage patterns for more efficient PageRank
Anchor Text
When linking between your documents, you should use the words for which you
want to rank well in the anchor text.
Anchor text
If you cannot use descriptive anchor text, some search engines may still place some
weighting on link titles (although not as much as anchor text).
Click here
You also can make up for slightly under-descriptive site navigation links by
providing descriptive footer text link navigation.
A large criteria in search engine rankings is the text used to link to a document.
Sometimes it is hard to control how others link to you, but you can always do a
good job of providing great links to yourself using internal site linking.
Descriptive internal text
links can help search
engines understand what
your site is about.

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