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Use Descriptive Anchor Text
When possible, you want to refer to your documents using words similar to those
expressed in the title. Let?s say I have a page about 5 HTP that is linking to a page
about the history of 5 HTP. I would not use the word history to create the link. I
would use the phrase 5 HTP history or history of 5 HTP in the link as it would help
the relevancy of both pages.
Click Here
Sometimes it is necessary to use a ?click here? link, but most times you can get
around it. You cannot always write a link that helps the relevancy of the page that
it?s on, but almost always you can write a good descriptive link that contains a
keyword or keyword phrase that will help the page the link is pointing at.
Having a few click here links scattered throughout your site may make your linkage
profile look more natural, but most of your links should describe what is on the
other end of the link.
Images as Links
I believe it is usually better to use text as links than images, but if you use an image
ensure you place a descriptive image alt tag on it.
5 HTP History.
If you use image navigation links, it is advisable to place descriptive text links at the
bottom of the page to help search engines figure out the relevancy of your pages.
Spamming Alt Tags
Image links are likely not weighted as heavily as text links because they are more
susceptible to spam. Examine the following:
Using an alt tag incorrectly as done above can hurt more than help. The search
engines are generally rather liberal, but it also does not look appealing to the eye to
see that long string on when someone rolls over the image. What?s even worse is
that some browsers will read that random string to the computer user and your site
will confuse the hell out of ?em!
Yahoo! actively edits their search results. Google employs remote quality raters. If
either of them see signs of artificial ranking manipulation, they may remove your
site from their index. Some competitors can turn you in and get you de-listed as

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