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doing this offers a huge advantage to you for your Yahoo! and MSN rankings, but
you need to choose directories carefully when considering how TrustRank
(explained in the Google section of this e-book) may effect Google.
If you are in more competitive fields and rent some powerful links, these listings in
various directories can help stabilize your rankings when search engine algorithms
Some directories I highly recommend are Yahoo!, DMOZ,, JoeAnt,
Best of the Web, and Gimpsy.
Link Building
In the area of link building, there are many important factors to remember.
After all, link building is the single most important part of achieving a high-
ranking website in modern search engines. As such, there are many things that
can significantly impact the growth and spread of links to your site:

? Make sure your site has something that other webmasters in your niche would
be interested in linking to.
? Create content that people will be willing to link to, even if it is not directly
easy to monetize. These linkworthy pages will lift the authority and rankings
of all pages on your site.
? Create something that legitimate webmasters interested in your topic would be
interested in linking to.
? When possible, try to get your keywords in many of the links pointing to your
? Register with, participate in, or trade links with topical hubs and related sites.
Be in the discussion or at least be near the discussion.
? Look for places from which you can get high-quality free links (like local
libraries or chambers of commerce).
? If you have some good internal content, try to get direct links to your inner
? Produce articles and get them syndicated to more authoritative sites.
? Start an interesting and unique blog and write about your topics, products,
news, and other sites in your community.
? Comment on other sites with useful relevant and valuable comments.
? Participate in forums to learn about what your potential consumers think is
important. What questions do they frequently have? How do you solve those
? Issue press releases with links to your site.
? Leave glowing testimonials for people and products you really like.
Oftentimes when the product owner or person posts the testimonials, they will
include a link back to your site.
? Sponsor charities, blogs, or websites related to your site.
? Consider renting links if you are in an extremely competitive industry. Adult,
gaming, credit, and pharmacy categories will likely require link rentals and/or
building topical link networks.

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