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Linking to Page Anchors
On longer pages you can use text to link within the same document. Frequently,
FAQ pages have links at the top of the page that link to the answers of the
associated questions. These links look like this:
FAQ Anchor Text

You then place the anchor you are linking to somewhere else on that same page.

Broken Links in Your Site
Many directory editors and site visitors will quickly grow disinterested with your
site if it is full of broken links. Some directory editors will run a link checker on
your site in the background while they review the content. The Internet is dynamic
and ever-changing, and some of your links may break from month to month. I
recommend checking your site for broken links before submitting it to any of the
major directories. Xenu Link Sleuth is a free downloadable link-checking program
that alerts you to broken links and can even help you quickly build a site map.
I try to look through my site for broken links at least once every few months.
When Broken Links are OK
A good thing about the blog format of this site is that I do not need to go back and
fix broken links as they fall into the archives. If your site is a clearly dated news site
then you do not need to go back to edit all of your links as sites around the web
Broken Links as a Signal of Low Quality
If most of the links on your site are broken or link to spammy sites, then search
engines may place less authority on your documents full of broken links. If most
of the links are broken, then how well can they trust the current page content? A
document that links to bad neighborhoods or non existing pages probably offers
outdated advice.
Dangling Nodes
Most, if not all, of your pages should be linked to from other pages and link to
other pages on your site. If a page does not link to other pages, then it prevents
search engine spiders from being able to use that page?s link authority to help get
other pages indexed.
Relative versus Absolute Links
Some people link internally using relative links like this:

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