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Others link using absolute links like this:
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Search engines convert relative links to their absolute locations prior to assigning
the page a document ID number. It is preferable to use absolute URLs, but search
engines should not mess up assigning a proper URL to documents linked to via
relative links.
The big downsides to using relative links are the following:
? Content Theft. If people steal your content and repost it to their
sites, it may be worth using absolute links so you get some link
credit/value out of them stealing your content.
? Hijacking. If someone tries to hijack your site (make a search engine
think your site exists at their URL), they can get many pages on your
site if all your URLs are relative. If you use absolute links, they cannot
get many pages from your site.
? Canonical URL issues. If a search engine indexes your site from
both the www version and non-www version, then duplicate content
issues may result.

Canonical URLs
Search engines may index your website or web pages under multiple URLs if your
site or internal linkage data is not structured properly. Here are some tips to keep
this from happening:
? WWW versus Non-WWW. Make sure you use absolute links and
point them at a consistent version of the site. If your site is being
indexed under the www version and the non-www version, 301
redirect the less important version of the site at the other location.
? Page versus Other Sites. Try not to use too much content that
appears on other indexed sites. If your site is new, by default you will
have less authority than most other sites with the same content, thus
you will not rank for it due to duplicate content filters.
? Site versus Page. When you link back to your home page make sure
you are linking to and not something like This will ensure your internal and external link
authority focus on one URL. If you split up your link popularity, you
are splitting your votes.
? Dynamic CMS Errors. Some content management systems get the
same content or near duplicate content indexed at multiple URLs.
There are many ways to look out for this, and I could write thirty pages
on the topic, but make sure that as you surf through your site you do
not have printer friendly versions or other similar versions of your
content getting indexed. Also, make sure that you are not adding

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