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partner sites, these ads are blended so that they look very similar to regular search
Yahoo! also has a paid-inclusion program by the name of Yahoo! Search Submit
that allows them to generate revenue from the regular (organic) listings.

The Yahoo! Search Index is Shared
The Yahoo! Search index is also used by AltaVista and AllTheWeb. Each of these
search engine websites may still use their own algorithm to organize search results
from the common search index and Yahoo! may use AltaVista and AllTheWeb as
test beds for some new algorithms.
Editorial Approach to Search
Yahoo! believes that a hybrid of human review and mathematics works better than
just math alone. Sites included in the Yahoo! Directory or in the Yahoo! Search
Submit program are given an editorial review. Yahoo! also has their editors review
portions of the web. It is believed that sites that receive a review may be given a
ranking boost. Yahoo! grants 501(c) tax-exempt organizations and many
educational websites free inclusion into the free side of their Content Acquisition
What Pages of My Site are Indexed by Yahoo!?
You can check to see what pages of your site are indexed by searching Yahoo! for
? While Yahoo! also offers a free site submit option (you must
be logged in to use it), the best way to submit your site is by having Yahoo!?s spider
follow links from other web pages.
Where do I Rank for My Keyword in Yahoo!?

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