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deepest details. If you need help knowing what an acronym means, check out my
SEO glossary at
On top of being a book to read, I also wanted this book to act as a reference guide.
The index makes it quick and easy to flip through to a specific area if you want to
look at something more in-depth later.
While some of this guide talks about technical details, they may not be that
important for the average webmaster to know. For example, latent semantic
indexing finds mathematical patterns in language and determines what concepts a
page represents using mathematics to represent those words. All most people
really need to know about latent semantic indexing is that those types of algorithms
would favor natural writing over unnatural keyword stuffed gibberish.
There are many other algorithms and ideas driving search, but at the end of the
day, the end goal of all the algorithms is to favor useful content that people care
about so the results are relevant, which, in turn, allows the engines to make more
money serving ads.
Content has many meanings though, and there are different ways to make content
useful to different people. This is not a rule-filled, exact guide for what you should
do to promote your site. Think of it more as a guide to a way of thinking of
creative marketing ideas. Some of the ideas in this e-book are here to spark your
creativity and to help you think of ways to gain strong advantages over your
Any Internet marketing method that is only formula-based misses the social aspects
of the web and, therefore, can fall into any one of the following pitfalls:
? Leaving footprints that are easy to detect and discount (and thus has a high
risk to reward ratio, and/or may be a complete waste of time).
? Leaving footprints that are easy for competitors to duplicate (and thus builds
no competitive advantage).
? Ignoring your strengths and weaknesses, thereby wasting your time with being
focused on a formula, instead of taking advantage of your strengths and
minimizing your weaknesses.
? Being beaten in the search results when an open-minded, creative competitor
leverages the social aspects of the web.
The goal of this book is to help you think up unique ideas that help you build real
value, social/business relationships, and competitive advantages that are hard to
I have worked with Fortune 500 companies worth tens and even hundreds of
billions of dollars, and I have also built five-page websites. Don?t think everything
in this book has to apply to you or your website. Take the pieces that make sense
and use them to build and leverage your reach and brand value.

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