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Report spam to Yahoo!
Search Engine Watch (
Thumbshots search engine and ranking comparison tool
Usually time spent reporting spam is time wasted, but you can
report spam to Google
Yahoo!?s advice on robots-nocontent
Some Notes
? Search for your target keyword on each of the major engines. Do the
results heavily overlap? Which results are the same across many engines?
Which ones are different?
? Practice searching the link profiles of a couple top-ranked websites. Try
the Google ? search for a page. Next try Yahoo!?s
?link: search for a page. Notice how much lower the
Google link count is than Yahoo!?s.
? Try Yahoo!?s ? to see how many links point to a
site on the whole. Perform the same query again, but then place
?? at the end of your search query. This will show
you how many external links point at a page.
? Look at to see how old the top five sites in Google ranking for
your primary keyword are. If they are more than a year old, it is going to
take a while to catch them in Google unless you have a much better
holistic marketing strategy.

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