95 Sample SSI website. Search Marketing Info ( Seth Godin: blog by one of the more creative marketers on the web ( Tragedy of the Commons ( W3C CSS Guidance ( Weblogs Inc.: large blog network ( Why Aggregation & Context and Not (Necessarily) Content are King in Entertainment ( 706/112706.pdf) Why I think using blogs is a great idea for many websites ( Write Articles, Not Blog Postings ( XHTMLized – creates websites from Photoshop templates ( Yahoo! Publisher Network: Yahoo!'s version of AdSense ( Some Notes ● Search for your topic. Find the #1 result on your favorite search engine. If you know more than them, you will eventually replace them. If not, consider further focus of your topic or consider buying books and reading websites to better learn about your topic. Eventually you will be #1. ● Decide what type of editor would be logical to use for your site. I strongly encourage the use of blog software. ● If you believe you are weak in the skills of copywriting and usability engineering, buy a book that covers the topic in which you are weak. ● List three ways you can generate revenue from your site without making it look like the sole purpose of the site. ● If your site is an e-commerce site, list three reasons or features that would make customers (and competitors) talk about your site.

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