How to make money online




is it really possible to make money online ?
yes you heard right it is possible with simple steps which I mentioned below,
with minimal knowledge on internet and laptop with dedicated internet make you entrepreneur.
you become your own boss and work remotely enjoy life while working 
The process is very simple:

You need to join affiliate programs like ClickBank, Amazon affiliate, JVZoo, WarriorPlus.
I am going to explain you pros and cons with every affiliate programs

Amazon Affiliate:
Amazon affiliate very strict about AFFILIATE PROGRAMS , 
you need to follow certain rules they imposed
You need to have separate website and put their affiliate links with your ID
Let the traffic drives to them and after 3 successful 
purchases your account will be approved 
you can't buy your own products 
Commission is very less

Click Bank :
They have same issue with click bank as explained above
JVzoo very popular affiliate program and they give you very good commission 
and there are so many products with 50% commission . check it out at



You can upload videos from their product demo websites in JVzoo and get youtube monetization
warriorplus offering same features as JVZoo, check it out at